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ISOL-8 SubStation Power Conditioning - Seriously Effective Premium Conditioning delivering flexibility in function and format!
$3,299 - $4,999

ISOL-8's ensemble of SubStations, the SubStation LC (Low Current), the SubStation HC (High Current), the SubStation Axis (DC-Blocking), the SubStation LCX (Expanded & Enhanced LC), and the SubStation Integra (HC & LC combined into one box) come with DC-blocking as standard, and build on a number of substantial achievements of their predecesors, as well as new developments in power conditioning.

Standing alone, or in combination for even greater performance, ISOL-8's all new SubStations form a flexible and effective solution to satisfy even the most demanding audiophiles. They area capabele of providing a truly power-filled foundation for your system, so it can always perform at its very best.

ISOL-8's fourth generation of SubStations establish a new family of audiophile Power Conditionerthat complement each other with one aim: Ultimate Performance. Each is engineered without compromise, releasing system performance that has been lost to power supply degradation.

All of ISOL-8's SubStations share may features including:

  • square  Non-magnetic, non-resonant, all-alloy half-width cases; allowing two units to be placed side by side on a standard equipment shelf
  • square Input is by IEC connector. Each high quality power outlet has a hinged cover to IP54, protecting unused outlets from dirt, dust and little fingers
  • square Built with carefully auditioned proprietary premium components including OFC copper foil inductors - The SubStations employ an even higher-grade of components than those found in the High Performance catagory.
  • square Wiring is carefully selected silver plated copper with PTFE insulation throughout, providing excellent power transmission properties
  • square Each outlet has its own multistage Transmodal filter to reduce noise and suppress cross-contimination between all source and low power amplifier component
  • square High power DC blocking Axis circuit, Spike & Surge protection and custom Earth Line Chokes, as standard

Additionally, the Full-Width and Half-Width members of the SubStation family have the flexibility that as your system grows and evolves, so you can adapt and improve your power supply in stages, avoiding costly dead ends. A typical upgrade path is shown here for illustration purposes only, many combinations and directions are possible. The SubStation Integra offers even more upgrade paths to consider, which you view here. Also, if you have more than four source components, the Substation LCX offers and two additional outlets and enhanced filteration to meet your current and potential needs.

SubStation functions

Features Comparison of ISOL-8's SubStations

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Type & Format Low|Med Current / Half-Width High Current / Half-Width High Current DC Blocking / Half-Width Both Low|Med & High Current / Full-Width Low|Med Current / Full-Width
Outlets & Current Rating   4 Low|Med 2 High 4 High 6 Low|Med 4 Low|Med / 2 High
Multi-Stage Transmodal Filtering check_circle_outline check_circle_outline check_circle_outline check_circle_outline
Spike & Surge Protection check_circle_outline check_circle_outline check_circle_outline check_circle_outline check_circle_outline
DC Blocking check_circle_outline check_circle_outline check_circle_outline check_circle_outline check_circle_outline
Max Continous Current
Any one Outlet / All Outlets
8A 16A 16A 8A 6A / 16A
All Outlets Combined: 8A All Outlets Combined: 16A All Outlets Combined: 16A All Outlets Combined: 8A All Outlets Combined: 16A