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The range of High Peformance Conditioners
  • square PowerLine Series: PowerLine is a family an effective solution to supply, protect and enhance the power for your HiFi or AV system, lifting performance by harnessing ISOL-8's power expertise at an affordable price to deliver a flexible but powerful solution tailored for those who put performance and value first.
  • square MiniSubs:  The "MiniSubs" have always been at the heart of ISOL-8, delivering great power conditioning performance leveraging many of the technologies found in the flagship ISOL-8 Substation family to deliver outstanding value for money. Each unit has 6 outlets and features multistage filtration at each outlet.
  • square Inline Conditioner: The InLine might be small, but its performance far exceeds its size with multi-stage filtration and DC blocking in a compact single outlet format.
ISOL-8's High Performance Power Conditioner- Greater levels of conditioning at much more reasonable price points
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If value for money is a high priority, the High Performance conditioners not only deliver that, but also are a real step-up in this category of power conditioning leaving you not needing to break the bank.

  • square For applications where space and budget is limited, the PowerLine Series combines a compact strip format with big performance. ISOL-8's renowned build quality comes as standard. The single filter-enhanced Plus, the DC blocking Axis, the fully conditioning Ultra 4 and Ultra 6 are specifically refined for audio with four and six sockets respectively, and the four outlet 1080 and six outlet Chroma for A/V installations.
  • square The "MiniSubs" are all about combining great performance with outstanding value. The MiniSub Wave all now employ ISOL-8's new Transmodal filter technology and an improved high current filter. The MiniSub Axis adds in DC blocking and the MiniSub Chroma employs a special broadband transmodal filter for video displays. The new MiniSubs bring power security and purity to systems for a special audio and video experience.
  • square The InLine is a multi-purpose one channel, single outlet power conditioning solution in a compact format. It features ISOL-8's Axis DC blocking and a powerful multi-stage filter suitable for a wide range of system components.

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