ISOL-8 Prometheus DC Power Supply- The perfect replacement for those annoying, noisy wall warts

ISOL-8's Prometheus DC Power Supply is avialable in two (2) primary version, each with a "Special Edition" version.

The Single Channel (Variable Output) version has a selectable voltage output of 5, 9, or 12V and includes a switch on the rear of the unit to adjust the output voltage. Two items can be powered simultaneously, as long as they both require the same voltage, via the 4-pin Neutrik gold-plated connector outputs.

In addition to the Single Channel Variable Output the Prometheus can be ordered with a fixed voltage which delivers greater continuous current delivery, when only a specific voltage is required from the unit.

In designing the Prometheus, ISOL-8 carefully considered the overall aesthetics of their design. The casing of the Prometheus has a machined front, lid and sides – not typical sheet metal. They chose to employ gold-plated connectors for both sonic impact and visual appeal. They conveniently located the power switch on the front panel of the units, to prevent you having to fumble around with plugs and outlets behind the scenes.

To ensure that the Prometheus excelled not only in its electrical design, but also sonically, ISOL-8 utilized the following design points for the units:

  • Purpose designed Class A regulator circuit
  • Faraday screened mains transformer with world-wide voltage taps
  • True choke input power supply with massive custom choke and 136,000uF of capacitance (204,000uF in the Special Edition versions)
  • Two enormous TO-264 output transistors allow huge peak current delivery and are mounted on solid thick metal for reduced resonance and eliminate the need for typical Standard extruded finned heatsinks
  • Output on two 4-pin Neutrik gold-plated connectors

Special Editions

Special Edition versions are available for both the variable and fixed voltage models. These upgraded units offer 50% more power supply capacitance, higher quality internal cabling and yet higher quality components are utilized in the regulator circuit.


Prometheus units are hand-built to order and typically manufactured in under a week. They are run-in for 24 hours before shipping and are provided a 3 year guarantee to the original owner.

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