ISOL-8's Audiophile Power Conditioner Range
  • square SubStation LC, SubStation HC & and SubStation Axis:  Semi-Modular Half-Width Construction, with each performing a different function allowing for power needs to be met as your system evolves.
  • square SubStation Integra:  Integates all the features of the acclaimed flagship SubStations LC and HC into a single high-quality chassis with six(6) outlets (4 low/med current + 2 high current)
  • square SubStation LCX  Full-width version of the SubStation LC with an additonal level of filtration and 6 outlets
  • square Qube HFC:  Capable of handing extremely heavy current and load demands, the QUBE HFC is the ideal solution to the high-current demands of the best audiophile system.
ISOL-8's Audiophile Power Conditioners - Solid and powerful, yet dynamically transparent
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ISOl-8's Audiophile range of Power Conditioners delivers the ultimate in performance for those who do not believe in the art of compromise when it comes to their listening. The Audiophile Power Conditioners deliver noticeable gains and system improvements across the board.

At the foundation of the ISOL-8's Audiophile range are the half-width SubStations. The Substation LC, Substation HC and Substation Axis, each perform crucial portions of the power conditioning process and are built with some of the most premium grade components and a circuit topology that goes far beyond those of competitors. The entirety of ISOL-8's product range is based upon these three components.

The SubStation LCX expands upon the premium grade specs of the SubStation LC, with additional outlets and filtration levels. The SubStation Integra joins the capabilities of the SubStation LC, SubStation HC, and SubStation Axis into a single box or ease of integrating it into your system. And lastly, the Qube, coming soon, will be a central power hub for high current demanding components, capable of serving more units with fully conditioned high power than ever before.

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