ISOL-8 PowerLine Plus Specifications
  • square Number of available outlets:  6 Low|Med Current outlets
  • square Outlet Covers:  Hinged covers to protect unused outlets from dust dirt and little fingers
  • square Dimensions:  15.8" x 3.3" x 3.5" (WHD) excluding connectors
  • square Product Weight:  4 lbs
  • square Construction:  Black steel chassis with silver CNC'd aluminum top panel
  • square Max Continous Current: Any One Outlet / All Outlets:  10A / 10A
ISOL-8 PowerLine Plus Power Conditioner- Minimal conditioning makes it a favorite with Naim Users

The ISOL-8 PowerLine Plus is basic power distribution unit that utilizes a custom-made earth-line choke with a special high permeability core. This gives massive attenuation of any RF noise in the system earth bus and signal ground. The input connector is a rhodium plated IEC by Oyaide and is joined by a single pole shunt filter to provide effective noise attenuation without any impact on peak current delivery.