ISOL-8 Substation LCX Specifications
  • square Number of available outlets:  6 Low|Med outlets
  • square Dimensions:  17.1" x 16.5" x 5.3 (W x H x D) excluding connectors
  • square Product Weight:  25.4 lbs
  • square Construction:  Silver aluminum chassis with silver aluminum alloy panels
  • square Mains Inlet:  10A IEC
  • square Double pole circuit breaker for additional protection
  • square Max Continous Current: Any One Outlet / All Outlets:  8A / 8A
ISOL-8 SubStation LCX Power Conditioner - An Enhanced full-width version of the flagship SubStation LC

The SubStation LCX is our ultimate high performance mains conditioning and distribution solution for all your source components. A full-width version of our flagship SubStation LC, the SubStation LCX utilizes our proven semi-modular format and DC blocking, as standard. Standing alone or in combination for even greater performance. An effective solution to satisfy even the most demanding audiophile.

In addition to being placed in a full-width box, the Substation LCX has two additional outlets and an additional filtration stage over the Substation LC. Each of the six outlets has its own multistage Transmodal filter to reduce noise and suppress cross-contimination between all source and low power amplifier components. Available on all the outlets is the High power DC-blocking Axis circuit, custom earth line choke, surge & spike protection and a double pole circuit breaker. Using proprietary custom wound components, kilos of OFC copper foil and premium capacitors to keep series resistance low, the SubStation LCX provides cleaner low/med current power to your source components with no impact on dynamic range.

ISOL-8's build quality is further illustrated by their use of PTFE insulated silver plated wiring, premium polypropylene capacitors, Mundorf OFC foil inductors, and a steel chassis.