ISOL-8's SubStation Integra Specifications
  • square Number of available outlets:  2 High Current/ 4 Low|Med Current outlets
  • square Hinged covers to protect unused outlets from dust dirt and little fingers
  • square Dimensions:  17.1" x 5.2" x 16.1" (W x H x D) excluding connectors
  • square Product Weight:  21.8 lbs
  • square Construction:  Black steel chassis with silver aluminum front panel and black lid
  • square Mains Inlet:  20A latching Neutrik powerCON (cable not supplied)
  • square Max Continous Current: Any One Outlet / All Outlets:  6A|16A / 16A
ISOL-8 SubStation Integra Power Conditioner- Combines all of the features of acclaimed SubStations LC and HC, together in a single unit at an affordable price

The ISOL-8 SubStation Integra has the power and flexibility to supply, protect and effectively condition almost any high quality audio. With a slight compromise on the most expensive components of the HC & LC SubStations, the SubStation Integra provides most of the performance at more affordable price.

The ISOL-8 SubStation Integra has two individual filter sections, each with their own high quality magnetic circuit breaker. Four low to medium current outlets are optimized for source components and two high current outlets are optimized for power hungry components such as amplifiers.

ISOL-8’s Transmodal filter technology used in both filter sections prevent noise generated by individual components from contaminating the power going to other components in the system. The very low series resistance Transmodal topology means that high peak currents are passed effortlessly without dynamic compression, whilst still being effectively filtered. Having a Transmodal filter on each outlet provides greater isolation and is part of the reason for the enhanced performance of the ISOL-8 substations.

The performance of ISOL-8’s Substations is further enhanced by inclusion of the Axis circuit and a custom choke. The high capacity ISOL-8 Axis circuit blocks any performance degrading DC present on the mains power supply. A custom wound choke filters any noise present on the safety earth wiring. All outputs are surge and spike protected.

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