ISOL-8 PowerLine 1080 Specifications
  • square Number of available outlets:  1 Video / 1 High Current / 2 Low|Med Current outlets
  • square Outlet Covers:  Hinged covers to protect unused outlets from dust dirt and little fingers
  • square Dimensions:  15.8" x 3.3" x 3.5" (WHD) excluding connectors
  • square Product Weight:  5.1 lbs
  • square Construction:  Black steel chassis with silver CNC'd aluminum top panel
  • square Max Continous Current | Any One Outlet / All Outlets:  5A / 10A
ISOL-8 PowerLine 1080 Power Conditioner- Powerful conditioning for basic HiFi and AV systems

Delivering fully conditioned power optimized for AV systems, the ISOL-8 PowerLine 1080 has one (1) outlet with a dedicated broadband video filter to eliminate the noise generated by your video display’s power supply, improving picture quality. There is also one (1) filtered high current outlet for power hungry components like amplifiers and two (2) low/medium current outlets that share one of ISOL-8's transmodal filters, and is perfect for source components.