ISOL-8 MiniSub Chroma Power Conditioner Specifications
  • square Made exclusively to protect and serve power to AV systems, with a dedicated specialized video filtration outlet
  • square Number of available outlets:  1 Video display / 2 High Current / 3 Low|Med Current outlets
  • square Outlet Covers:  Hinged covers to protect unused outlets from dust dirt and little fingers
  • square Dimensions:  17.5" x 3.4" x 12.0" (W x H x D) excluding connectors
  • square Product Weight:  16.5 lbs
  • square Construction:  Black steel chassis with silver CNC'd aluminum top panel
  • square Max Continous Current: Any One Outlet / All Outlets:  6A-10A / 10A
ISOL-8 MiniSub Chroma Power Conditioner - Single box solution for conditioning power to an entire AV System

Separate filters are the feature that made ISOL-8's original MiniSub such a ground breaking product. It reduces system component cross contamination, stopping mains power borne noise from one system component affecting others. Video, low and high current loads all need different treatment to allow a quality AV system to operate at peak potential. The ISOL-8's MiniSub Chroma delivers you the high performance/audiophile topology allowing each equipment type to deliver peak performance.

The Video display outlet has a special broadband Transmodal filter, implemented with custom magnetics, designed to sink noise from your video display's hard working power supply. This can improve picture detail and reduce motion artifacts.

For source and video playback components, there are 3 Low/Med current outlets each with a separate filter network.

Unlike most other conditioners, which only deal with common mode noise, the video and low/med power outlets can suppress both common and differential mode noise, without shunting noise to ground thanks to our Transmodal filter topology.

The 2 High current outlets provide a separate multistage filtration section that employs custom wound components with very low impedance. This cleans current hungry, noisy components, such as amplifiers, effectively without squashing dynamic performance.

The MiniSub has always been at the heart of ISOL-8, providing class leading performance at an affordable price. Improving the MiniSub proved to be a worthy challenge. With thousands of units sold around the globe, the previous edition of the Minisubs was indeed a difficult act to follow. Careful development and adaptation allowed ISOL-8 to incorporate many of the innovative technologies found in the highly regarded flagship ISOL-8 SubStations, propelling the new MiniSubs a substantial step forward whilst remaining outstanding value for money.

The ISOL-8 MiniSub Chroma is engineered to give your AV system an effective system wide upgrade with no compromise in audio pace, rhythm and timing. The clean, stable power supply it provides allows you to enjoy each and every performance delivered at maximum potential.

ISOL-8 takes pride in delivering an outstanding build quality to the new MiniSubs, making them an investment that provides unbeatable performance and will last a lifetime. Inside the quality casework you will find the same carefully auditioned polypropylene capacitors, Mundorf OFC inductors, high grade connectors, and custom ISOL-8 chokes that are found in the high-end audiophile products. You will also have the peace of mind that comes with our spike and surge protection. All ISOL-8 products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

The result of an extensive development program, ISOL-8's new generation of MiniSubs take "class leading performance" to a whole new level in every area; helping your system to fulfill its maximum potential every time you listen.